High Noon

Amrum, Juni 2010

3 thoughts on “High Noon”

  1. I really think the crop in this case is perfectly justificable. btw did you close your iper account?

  2. Thank you so much :)

    Yes, I canceled my ipernity account before I went on vacation; with the new wave of censorship they started over there, my personal kettle had finally boiled over (I’ve also written a short post about iper here – http://massenbelichtungswaffen.de/2010/06/willkommen-im-21-jahrhundert/ – translated “welcome to the 21. century – or, how to destroy an online community” … well, I just didn’t want to get steamed up time and time again; they simply blew it, big time.

    But now that I’m back from vacation, you can reach me by the usual means ;-)

  3. Hope you have recharged batteries! Btw, I’m pretty sure I can follow your photos with my rss reader :-)

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